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your custom outdoor elopement 
or intimate wedding ceremony in the naturally beautiful Pacific Northwest

Chanelle Carlin Weddings, LLC

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About Chanelle


I am a lover of life and love. I have traveled the world, lived in Ireland and now live in rural Okanogan County, Washington, USA with my family. Some of my favorite things are Christmas, orange kitties, dachshunds, traveling, hiking, time with my family and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning while the sun rises or a glass of wine in the evening watching the sun set.


I also LOVE helping couples celebrate their love in their own, unique style and believe that life and love should be celebrated every minute!


I'm often asked how I came to officiate weddings. It's a simple story, really, but not necessarily one most folks expect:


When my mom passed away a few years ago, we struggled to find an officiant for her funeral service, even though, we know a number of ordained ministers. The funeral home gave us a name and that gentleman worked with us to celebrate my mom's life a few days later. Afterwards, I was committed to making sure that no one else would have such a hard time

finding someone to celebrate a loved one and I became an ordained minister...just in case.


Once ordained, weddings literally started coming to me. Initially they were couples struggling to find an officiant. One couple told me their first officiant passed away and the second one sort of disappeared on them! They found me six weeks before their wedding. Another couple desperate for an officiant found me from across the state two days before their ceremony!  I can honestly say I have never been happier in my work or felt more fulfilled. I have the honor of celebrating couples who are celebrating their love and commitment to one another.


As your Officiant, I make these promises to you:

  • To be here for you;
  • To listen to you and hear what you’re saying;
  • To support you with your vision for your wedding and collaborate with you to create your ideal wedding ceremony;
  • To answer your questions honestly and as quickly as possible;
  • To be prepared on  your wedding day;
  • To be fun and help you have fun on your wedding day and through the planning process;
  • To be healthy and to safeguard your well-being;
  • To encourage you in your self-care;
  • To follow through on all of our agreements; and, finally…
  • To celebrate your marriage before, during and after your wedding.